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How to add cards in Shooglebox

There are three different ways to create cards on Shooglebox – using the plus button, dragging a link or file or sharing something from your mobile. 


1. The + button

Whenever you're in a box or stack, click the purple + button in the bottom right corner to create a new card in the box or stack you're in.

Empty box

You can then start writing, paste a link or drag content into the card. 


2. Dragging 

If you've saved an image, video or file on your computer, you can create a new card by dragging it into your box. When you see a blue 'Drop it here' message, letting go of the file will create a new card. 

You can create cards with web links by clicking on the padlock or (i) icon next to the website's address in your browser bar and dragging it into the tab or window where you've got Shooglebox open.

drag and drop.png

3. Mobile sharing 

If you’re using Shooglebox on a smartphone you can share any link or file from most popular apps where you see an option to share.


See some of the services Shooglebox works well with here


If you're using an iPhone you’ll first need to add Shooglebox to the list of destinations you can share content to. Find out how here.

Sharing from a phone.png
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