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Boxes – and how to create them

Everything you put into Shooglebox is represented by a card that’s created when you paste or drag in a link, file or photo on your computer – or hit share on your phone or tablet if you’re using the Shooglebox Apple or Android app.

Your cards are kept in boxes. To start with you have one box – your Inbox, which is where cards appear when you save or share material from your phone or tablet using the Shooglebox Apple or Android app.

You can create as many boxes as you want – boxes for different projects, or maybe a box for all the random things that capture your interest every day.

To create a new box, go to All boxes at the top of the screen – or in the left menu – and click Create new box.

All Boxes page.png

Give your box a name that's relevant to the sort of things you'll be adding to it. You can also choose a colour or upload an image to be used as the box cover. If you've chosen to use an image, you'll see another option to use the crop image feature which allows you to crop, zoom and reposition the image to achieve the best fit.

Clicking the eye icon toggles whether the name is shown or hidden on the box cover which is useful if you've used an image that already includes the box name.

Create box modal

Click the Create box button to save and proceed.  You can change the name, colour and image of a box at any time by choosing Edit Cover from the three dots menu on the All boxes page.

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