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Creating cards with web links

When you paste a web link onto a card in Shooglebox you'll get an embedded link on the back of the card.


There are three ways to create a card linking to a website:

1. Copy and paste the link into a new card


2. On a computer drag the link into your box by clicking on the padlock or (i) icon to the left of the website address and dragging it into your box until a 'Drop it here' message appears


3. On a smartphone or tablet, choose the share button at the bottom of the screen and select Shooglebox from the list of options. If you're using an iPhone or iPad you'll need to add Shooglebox to the list of apps you can share to. Find out more here.

Web link on back of card

You can edit the text on the back of a card – adding more text, images or videos, or deleting text on the back of the card to just leave the embedded link.

You can also create web links on the back of a card. Highlight a block of text you’d like to turn into a hyperlink, choose the link option in the toolbar and paste the url.

Add link on back of card
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