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Turn on Sharing to make the most of the app

Because you often stumble across interesting things when you’re out and about, Shooglebox has been designed to make it easy to share web links, photos, videos and files from your mobile phone.

It’s integrated with many well-known apps and mobile services – if the app you use has a sharing function you should be able to share something from it to Shooglebox. Take a look at the list of commonly-used apps and sites it works well with here.

If you’re using an Android device Shooglebox will automatically appear as a destination where you can share content once you download the app. 

But if you’re using an iPhone you’ll need to add Shooglebox to the list of destinations you can share content to.

It only takes a moment – tap a share button, for example on a photo or website, and scroll along the list of apps you can share to until you see an option for More. Tap that and scroll down to Shooglebox and press the button next to Shooglebox so that turns green. Select Done and Shooglebox will now appear as one of the places where you can share the items. 

You’ll only need to do this once as your phone will remember this setting. 

Any files you share from your phone will appear in your Inbox. You can then move them to other boxes or stacks. 

Happy sharing!

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