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Creating different types of cards

You can upload all sorts of different things to Shooglebox – like text, web links, images, videos and embedded social media posts.


When you upload something to Shooglebox it automatically creates a card front to represent the content, with room for much more detail on the back of the card.


Cards can look very different, depending on what you want to add. Here are some of the different types of cards you can create:

Text card 2.png

Text is sized to fit the space and can be formatted to stand out 

Flikr card

Shooglebox supports all main image file types 

Web link card

If you paste a web link you'll get an embedded link on the card back 

Instagram card

Including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest

Image card

Upload photos straight from your phone or PC

Document card

Add files including PDF, Word, Excel and Powerpoint

Card with quote

Highlight useful quotes and customer or colleague insights

YouTube video card

Embed YouTube videos – they play on the back of cards

Photo card

Add extra images to the back of a card

Visual note Shooglebox card

Keep screengrabs, notes from meetings and research material

Audio card

Store voice memos and audio files you might want to come back to

Spotify card

Embed links to playlists and tracks on Spotify and Apple Music

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