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Saving posts from the Facebook app

Shooglebox’s grid layout make it easy to see lots of different Facebook posts at-a-glance rather than scrolling down a long newsfeed. If you spot an interesting Facebook post on your mobile it’s easy to pull it into Shooglebox:

Apple devices 

1. Just go to the Facebook app and select the post you would like to save.

2. Tap on the Share link next to the post.

3. Select More Options… from the menu.

4. Choose Shooglebox from the list of options.

5. If the Shooglebox app isn’t in the list, you'll need to turn on Sharing  – choose More and then flick the switch next to Shooglebox on. Learn more about app sharing here.

6. Shooglebox will create a card for this post in your inbox.

Android devices

1. Tap on the Share link next to the post you would like to save to Shooglebox. 

2. Select More Options... from the menu. 

3. Choose Shooglebox from the list of options. 

The card will display the text and image from the post on the front of the card, as well as an embedded link to the post on the back of the card.


All content shared from your phone is sent to your inbox. This is the place to squirrel away all the interesting you find before you’re ready to decide what you want to do with them.


If you prefer, you can tap Share next to the post you’d like to share to Shooglebox, then More Options... and choose Copy from the list of options. Open the Shooglebox app, click New card in any box and paste the link on to the front of the card. The image and text will be pulled on to the front of the card as well as a larger embed of the post on the back of the card.


Find out more about creating cards with social posts here.

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