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What's the best way to organise cards?

Once you’ve added lots of cards to a box you may want to organise them to make it easier to spot patterns or see connections that spark new ideas.

There are four main ways to organise lots of cards, depending on how rigidly or loosely you want to categorise them:

1. Repositioning cards

Some people may want to keep all their cards in one box. To make it easier to see related cards you can drag individual cards, or groups of cards, so that they appear next to each other. Find out more here. 

Drag to reposition

2. Add colours and stickers (Requires Shooglebox Pro)

With Shooglebox Pro you can add colours or stickers to the front of cards to show a connection between them. Find out more about colouring cards here and how to add stickers here

Colours and stickers

3. Create stacks (Requires Shooglebox Pro)

With Shooglebox Pro you can create a rigid categorisation of your cards by using stacks – create new stacks in your box and then move groups of cards on the same theme into the new stack. This can be useful if you're working on different projects or revising a range of subjects. Find out more about creating stacks here.

Curiosity stack

4. Tagging cards

If you’ve looking for a different perspective, or to find connections that aren’t as immediately obvious, you may want to look beyond just the box of cards you’re looking at.

This is where tagging cards can help. When you add a new tag on the back of any card you can see all the other cards from across all your boxes that you’ve given the same tag to. You can add as many tags as you like to a card – helping you make more unexpected connections. Find out more here.

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