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Re-ordering cards

Once you've added cards to a box you can move them about to make it easier to spot patterns or to help you tell a story.


One way to rearrange your cards is to simply drag and drop your cards into the order you want them to appear. Click on the card and drag it to the area of the page you would like to move it to – the blue line shows where the card will be dropped. Let go where you see the blue line and – ta-dah! – your card's moved.

Another way to rearrange your cards is to select a card, or multiple cards, using the tick in the top right corner. Move your cursor to the place you would them to be moved, then click on the blue line to move your cards to that place within the box or stack.

For something completely different, try shuffling your cards into a random order by choosing Shuffle from the menu bar at the top of the page.