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What are the different ways I can organise my cards?

When you open a box you can lay out, sift, sort or shuffle your cards in different ways that help you explore themes, spot patterns and make connections.

You can add links between cards, add stickers or colours – or stack groups of cards together.

Some people like to organise their box of cards into stacks, so cards on the same theme are stored together in the same place. Find out more about organising your cards in stacks here.

You can also create links between cards across stacks and boxes as an alternative or in addition to stacking. Linking can help to connect cards with common themes, topics, colours or sources. Click the tick in the top right corner of the card to start making these connections. For more information on linking cards, click here


There are lots of different ways to sort your box or stack of cards.

Choose Shuffle to see your cards in a random order or add stickers, votes or colours.

Click Layout from the menu bar at the top of your box or stack of cards to organise your cards by date, colour, the number of voting stars or the number of stickers. You can also choose whether you want your cards to display in ascending or descending order. Find out more about sorting your cards here.

If you’ve created several stacks of cards use the Spread rows or Spread columns options to surface all the cards in your box.  Try Storyboard to structure your cards in a story format.

If you choose Image view all the text on cards will be hidden, just showing the images you’ve added to cards. 

It’s all about helping you make the kind of surprising associations between different elements that can lead to true creativity.

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