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How to link cards

Select cards with a common theme by clicking the tick in the top right corner of each card. Then choose Link from the menu at the top of the page.

You’ll then be asked to give a short description detailing what links these cards together. After you’ve created your first link, the next time you link cards you’ll see a list of descriptions of recently linked cards. This makes it simple to add cards to any existing links you’ve created.

Another place to add a link is on the back of the card – just select + Add a link under Connections. Here you’ll also be able to see if any other cards have been linked to that card.


Direct links can be added to individual cards. Simply click + Add a link on the back of the card and paste the url. Individual linked cards will appear as a preview on the back of the card it’s linked to.

Click on the description under Linked to or search for the description for a view of all cards that have been linked to that particular theme. Cards on this page can be copied to other stacks and unlinked.

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