Introducing cards, stacks and boxes

Shooglebox is based on capturing individual pieces of information as a card with a visual front and space on the back to capture additional details, as well as links and connections.


You collect cards within boxes – you can have as few or as many boxes as you want.

You can also create stacks of cards within a box – useful if you want a more structured view of your material.


To make a new box go to the All boxes page and choose the Create new box link. Give your box a name, choose a background colour and, if you want, a cover image.

All boxes page

To edit the front of a box, go to the All boxes page, click the three dots in the bottom right hand corner of the box and select Edit Cover from the dropdown menu. Here you’re able to change your box’s name, colour and cover image.

As the owner of a box, you can invite others to sign up or log in to Shooglebox to share and collaborate with you on a box of cards.

It's up to you whether they can just read what's there, add cards of their own, or edit cards you've created.

To collaborate on a box with other Shooglebox users, choose Sharing from the dropdown list of box menu options on the All Boxes page.​ 

Sri Lanka box

Once you've clicked through to your box, choose the blue + button in the bottom right corner of the page and select New card.


You can create a range of different types of cards, including photos, quotes, videos, web links, audio files, documents and social media posts – find out more here.