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How to share boxes and stacks

You can share cards that you've created on Shooglebox with just one or multiple users and have full control over what they can do. It's up to you whether they can just read what's there, add cards of their own to your box, or edit cards you've created. 

There are two ways to share cards with other people:

1. Public read-only link

You can create a public url to a box or stack that lets anyone with that url see the cards inside without having to sign up or log in to Shooglebox.

They'll see a simple version of the box without the navigation, tools, editing and layout options.

They can browse through all the card fronts, click on any to see full details on the back, and explore any stacks you've created.

You can choose the default view you want people to see when they open a stack – eg Image only view, or stacks of cards laid out in rows or columns.

To send a link to a box in this way choose Sharing from the menu options at the top of the screen and toggle the Public read-only link switch on. You can copy the url – and anyone who's given it will be able to access the box or stack. You can also choose whether to add a PIN which others will need to enter before they can access the url.

You can switch off access for everyone by toggling the switch off again.

Before making a box or stack public you should always ensure that you have the relevant rights to share the content on your cards.

2. Collaborate on Shooglebox


If you're the owner of a box, you can invite others to sign up or log in to Shooglebox to share and collaborate with you on a box of cards.

It's up to you whether they can just read what's there, add cards of their own, or edit cards you've created.

To collaborate on a box with other Shooglebox users, choose Sharing from the dropdown list of box menu options on the All Boxes page.​ 

Under the Box sharing heading, enter the email address of people you want to invite and select whether they can read, contribute or edit cards.

Click Create an email notification to send them a link to the box.

If they don't already have a Shooglebox account they'll get the ability to sign up quickly for free.

Once you've shared a box, you're able to see whether someone else has access to it on the front of the box, in the left sidebar menu and behind the Sharing menu option.

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