What's the Inbox for?

When you first use Shooglebox you'll notice you've already got one box, called the Inbox

You can create as many boxes as you want – you could have boxes for random things you find or for specific projects. The Inbox is a first box of cards to help get you started – and the place where the things you share from your phone are saved to. Find out more about uploading content from your phone here.

Please note: If you’re using an Android device Shooglebox will automatically appear as a destination where you can share content once you download the app. But if you’re using an iPhone you’ll need to add Shooglebox to the list of destinations you can share content to – find out how here.

If you create more boxes you can quickly move cards from the Inbox to your new box by ticking the top right hand corner of each card, choosing Move from the list of options and then selecting your new box or stack of cards.