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Sharing a box so others can edit it

You can give your peers or colleagues full access to add, edit, move and delete cards and stacks in your box – useful if, say, you’re working collaboratively on a piece of work and want the full input of the rest of your team to come up with new insights and ideas together.

Sharing a box with a user as Can edit allows you to fully collaborate, the user will be able to view, add to, edit, move, reposition and delete all existing cards within that box. 

Giving another the ability to edit your box however, does not allow them to share the box with other users, edit the front of the box or delete it – that’s still under your control. 

To share a box with other Shooglebox users, choose Sharing from the dropdown list of box menu options on the All Boxes page.​  [Note: If you want to share a stack you need to share the entire contents of the box it belong to].

Under the Box sharing heading, enter the email address of people you want to invite and select 'Can edit' to assign full editing permission for the box you're sharing.

You can click Create an email notification to send them a link to the box.

If they don't already have a Shooglebox account, they'll get the ability to sign up quickly for free.

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