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Introducing Storyboard

Storyboard is designed to help you look at your box of cards in a story format. It’s the sort of thing that’s useful if you’re working on a presentation, planning a book or revising a subject.


Choose Storyboard from the Layout drop-down at the top of the page. 

All cards in the box or stack you're in will appear at the bottom of the page – to get started either either drag an existing card onto the storyboard or click the grey + button to create a new card. 

Storyboard mode

Once you've populated your storyboard, simply drag and drop cards to rearrange them or to remove them –drag the cards to the bottom of the page and release when you see the 'Drop card to remove from grid' message. 

To keep this view as the default way of looking at your stack of cards choose Make this the default view from the drop-down Layout menu

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