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Five quick tips to get going with Shooglebox

Here are some quick and simple tips to help you get going on Shooglebox – along with some things you might need to know.

The basics

  • You can upload all sorts of different things to Shooglebox – like text notes, web links, embedded social media posts, images, videos, documents and more.

  • Everything you put into Shooglebox is represented by a card – when you upload something it automatically creates a card with a front and a back.

  • Your cards are kept in boxes – you can create as many boxes as you want – boxes for different projects, or maybe a box for all the random things that capture your interest every day.

Five tips to help you get started:

1. Create a box: Go to All boxes and click Create new box. Give your box a name that's relevant to the sort of things you'll be adding to it. You can also choose a colour or upload an image to be used as the box cover.

Empty box

This guide is for using Shooglebox with a large-screen device such as a laptop or desktop PC. You can also download the Shooglebox mobile app to add cards and save content direct from other apps whenever and wherever you come across them.

2. Add some cards: Click the blue + button in the bottom right corner of the screen to create a new card. You can write a note, copy and paste a url from social media or the web, or browse your file library. Or if you've saved an image, video or file on your computer, you can create a new card by dragging it into your box – when you see a blue Drop it here message, letting go of the file will create a new card.

3. Edit the front of the cards: Click on the three dots in the bottom right-hand corner of a card and choose Edit card front. You'll then see a series of options to optimise the presentation of your card. You can choose to make it image only, text only, image and text and, by clicking on the arrow below the image, you can choose whether you'd like a deep or shallow image.

4. Edit the back of the cards: Every card you create within Shooglebox has space on the back to capture additional details. Click on a card, then select the Edit button to add extra information, images and links.

5. Select cards to move, copy, link or delete: Click on the tick in the top right corner of a card or choose Select from the top menu and click on one, multiple, or select All cards, then pick an option from the toolbar. You can copy cards from the Shooglebox Curiosity box into your own box to have a go at copying, moving, linking and deleting.

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