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Capture extra detail on the back of cards

Every card you create on Shooglebox has space on the back to capture additional details.

The back of a card gives you more space to add extra information, images and links while keeping the front of the card simple so that it stands out.

Select the edit button to add more detail to the back of the card. You'll see this editor toolbar:

Use it to change the text layout, size and appearance – make text bold, italic, underlined and select the text icon after highlighting a block of text to change its colour.

If you've created a card with an image, video, audio file, document or web link, you'll see an embedded version of that asset on the back of the card. You can choose whether to show or hide this asset using the button below. 

You can add additional images to the back of the card by clicking the picture icon in the toolbar.

And if you highlight a block of text and then click on the link icon you can turn that text into a web link.

You can change the layout style to a heading, body text, or a bulleted list – and choose whether you'd like it to be centred, left aligned, right aligned or justified.

If you want a highlight a block of text so that a particular quote or point stands out simply mouse over the block of text you want to edit, click on the text highlighter button and choose the colour you'd like to use.

Select the Tx icon to remove any formatting – particularly useful when pasting content from Word documents or other sources. Just highlight the text you want to remove formatting from and press the Tx button. Find out more about adding documents to cards here.

If you've shared a box so other people in your team or group can add to or edit cards, you may occasionally see someone's face next to the Edit button on the back of a card. This is a simple way of showing that the card when someone else has already opened it your work will not be saved. Choose Cancel and try again after the other person has finished editing the card. 

The back of the card includes other helpful information such as where it's linked to, when it was created and who can see it.

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