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Explore your cards and boxes

Shooglebox helps you digest and review the cards you’ve created and the interesting things you squirrel away in a way that sparks fresh thinking, unexpected insights and better ideas. 

When you open a box you can lay out, sift, sort or shuffle your cards in different ways that help you explore themes, spot patterns and make connections. 

Choose Layout from the menu bar at the top of any box or stack to see different ways Shooglebox can help.

Choose Shuffle to see your cards in a random order or add stickersvotes or colours. Try Storyboard to structure your cards in a story format.


If you’ve created several stacks of cards use the Spread rows or Spread columns Explore options to surface all the cards in your box. Choosing Narrative will show your cards in a simple narrative format. 


If you choose Image view all the text on cards will be hidden, just showing the images you’ve added to cards. 

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