How to create your first box and start adding some cards

Empty box
A box of cards on Shooglebox

Here are some simple initial tips to help you quickly start squirrelling things away in Shooglebox and see what it can do for you.

The best way to get going is to dive in and create your first box of cards.

Here's how:

On the All boxes page click 'Create new box':

Create a box on Shooglebox

Give your box a name – in the example below we're creating a box to store recipes and food ideas. You might already have a first project in mind. Or, to start with, you might just want to create a "Random stuff" box to get a feel for how Shooglebox works. Upload an image for the box cover or just choose a colour.

Give your box a name

Click on your new box to open it or use the menu behind the three dots whenever you want to edit the box cover or share it with someone else.

Choose a box to open it

This is what an empty box looks like. Use the plus button in the bottom right corner of the screen and select New card to add a web link, photo, video, note, or other item – or just drag it from your desktop.

In this example we'll show how a card is created when you paste in a link from a YouTube url.

Add a URL to create a web link card

When you hit 'Save card' it automatically pulls through a thumbnail image and headline on the front. You can use the menu behind the three dots to edit the front of the card – change image size, upload a different image, or alter the text.

Front of a card on Shooglebox

Click on the card to see the back. You'll find an embed on the card back – in this case a YouTube video. And you can edit the back to add lots more information, notes, links or images.

Back of a card on Shooglebox

The more you add, the more you'll discover the simplicity and power of Shooglebox. Don't be tempted to structure your cards or move them into stacks too soon. The beauty of the visual grid interface is being able to stand back and explore all your cards, spotting useful connections or things that stand out. 

You can add cards using links to web pages and social media posts, photos, videos, notes, documents and more. Find out more here.