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How to create a card with photos

It's quick and easy to save photos and other images to Shooglebox.

If you download the Shooglebox app you can quickly posts photos to Shooglebox from your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone or tablet.


When you open your photos folder on your phone or tablet just tap the image you want to upload and then select the share button – usually a box with an upward arrow – and choose Shooglebox from the list of options. If you’re an iPhone user you’ll need to add Shooglebox to the list of destinations you can share content to. Find out more here.

Apple share box - photos.png

When you’ve started creating your card you can add a caption or extra detail. The card you create will be saved in your Shooglebox Inbox.


You can edit the front and back of the card in your Inbox – or move it to one of your other boxes.


If you’re sharing photos from a PC, you can move multiple images at the same time. Highlight all the photos you want and drag them into your box until you see the blue ‘Drop it here’ message. A different card will be created for each photo you upload.


Cards will be saved by default as image only, but if you click the three dots below the image and select ‘Edit card front’  you can then choose to add text to the card.


The back of the card will show a larger version of the image, and you can add an extended caption or any further information here too. Selecting ‘View original source’ from the right hand side of the back of a card will show a full-sized version of the image.

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