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How to create a shareable read-only link to a box or stack

You can create a shareable read-only link that lets anyone with that url see the cards inside a box or stack without having to sign up or log in to Shooglebox.

They'll see a simple version of Shooglebox without the navigation, tools, editing and layout options.

They can browse through all the card fronts, click on any to see full details on the back, and explore any stacks you've created.

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To send a link to a box in this way, choose Shareable read-only link from the menu options behind the three dots at the top of a box or stack. Toggle the Shareable read-only link switch the shareable link on. You can copy the url – and anyone who's given it will be able to access the box. You can also choose whether to add a PIN which others will need to enter before they can access the url.

Shareable read-only link

You can switch off access for everyone by toggling the switch off again.

Before sharing a box or stack you should always ensure that you have the relevant rights to share the content on your cards.

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