How to share and collaborate on a box of cards with other Shooglebox users

To share and collaborate on a box with other Shooglebox users, choose Sharing from the dropdown list of box menu options on the All Boxes page.​  [Note: If you want to share a stack you need to share the entire contents of the box it belong to].

Under the heading Sharing, enter the email address of people you want to invite and then press enter. Choose the role you want that user to have for the box that you are sharing:  read only, contributor, editor or owner.  Click here for more information about roles and permissions.

You can also click Create an email notification to send them a link to the box.

If they don't already have a Shooglebox account, they'll get the ability to sign up quickly for free.

Once you've shared a box, you're able to see whether someone else has access to it on the front of the box, in the left sidebar menu and behind the Sharing menu option.