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Adding team members to a workspace

When you're ready to start adding team members to your workspace, click the settings icon at the top of the homepage and choose the Members option.

Team workspace settings

Enter an email address and press Add. At this stage you can let people know they've been added to the workspace by creating an email notification that will come from Shooglebox.

But it's much better if you send a message from your own email client and email address that you tailor to include some of the following to get them started:

  • Introduce Shooglebox and how your team is going to use it.

  • Tell them to sign up for a Shooglebox account at NB: They will need to use the same email address you've added them with.

  • Explain what boxes they'll see when they first log in to Shooglebox.

As soon as they sign up they'll automatically be added to your team workspace.

Don't forget you can come back at any time to add or remove team members. If you have any questions about managing your workspace, contact us here.

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